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Chinese Brush Painting is the art of using simple and effortless brush strokes to depict the essence of a figure or scene, an ancient art that continues to fascinate contemporary artists. A distinguishing feature of Chinese Brush Painting is that each brush stroke is a defining move that is not changed or corrected. This set includes 3 brushes that are made of pure goat hair with a cord attached at the end. This set it encased in a magnetic, fabric case.

Goat hair is flexible, absorbent and really soft, the structure of the tip of the brush allows a larger absorption of ink and enables you to create continuous, flowing brush strokes. Great also for blending washes seamlessly.

Small Brush
Hair Length: 40mm
Width at Ferrule: 6mm

Medium Brush
Hair Length: 45mm
Width at Ferrule: 10mm

Large Brush
Hair Length: 55mm
Width at Ferrule: 12mm

Weight 0.2770
To use with Watercolour, Chinese Painting
Quality Good
Sets & Packs Set

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