Jean Haines Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brushes : Set of 3


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This is a set of three Kolinsky Sable brushes made for Jean Haines by the fine brushmakers Rosemary & Co. The brushes are made from Kolinsky male tail hair mounted on short black handles of lacquered wood.

The brushes are two Kolinsky Sable Pointed Rounds (Size 10 and Size 12) and a Kolinsky Sable Rigger.

“Having lived in Asia and studied Chinese Brushwork my search for brushes that suited my style perfectly was a difficult one. I needed brushes that would not only load well but glide over the paper surface and release colour as and when I wanted. Brush control is a highly important part of my technique and from years of studying I was aiming to create the best."

"The Size 10 is great for working on all subjects whilst the rigger is fantastic for not only adding detail but picking up small amounts of pigment to strengthen individual sections of a painting. The Size 12 is beautiful with a really full belly that loads amazingly well but it also has an excellent point, making this the perfect brush for all manner of watercolour work. I would be lost without it!" (Jean Haines)

Weight 0.0340
To use with Watercolour
Brush : Stiffness Soft
Brush : Technique General
Quality Basic
Sets & Packs Set
Vegan No
Brush : Hair Type Kolinsky Sable
Brush : Handle Short
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