Marabu : Decorlack Acryl : Water-based Acrylic Craft Paint

25 colours available in 15 ml and 12 colours available in 50 ml

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One lacquer for everything the ideal, ready-to-use, high-gloss, water-based acrylic lacquer for school, hobby, leisure time, and craft use. The quality of Decorlack has been optimised to provide pleasant painting experience and exceptional coverage of many materials. This high quality universal acrylic lacquer is weatherproof, saliva-resistant and light-fast. It disperses well and offers exceptionally intense, brilliant colour shades. It is ideally suited for free painting, the serviette and clay-pot technique, and also for almost all craft techniques. Suitable for application on wood, cardboard, paper, self-curing modelling pastes, polystyrene, metal, clay, stone, glass, rubber sponge or plastics Decorlack Acryl offers excellent glossy properties. All colour shades, including the metallic and pearl shades, mix well with each other.

Quality Good

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