Marabu : Easy Marble 15ml

Marabu : Easy Marble 15ml

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Using this ideal marbling paint, beautiful marble effects can be achieved on many different substrates. Suitable for use on plastic eggs and balls (always try a test area first on plastic objects), glass, acrylic, wood, papier mâché, blown eggs, candles, metal and polystyrene. All objects should be plain and paint-free. Papers, Japanese paper, many fabrics and silks can also be marbled using Marabu-easy marble. The paint is organic solvent based and is touch-dry after about 15 minutes. The paint is not permanent and will wipe off with a damp cloth after drying; therefore the decorated objects are not washable and not wash-resistant.

Marabu-easy marble
High-gloss marble paint, organic solvent based.
Suitable for plastic (e.g. eggs, balls etc.), glass, acrylic glass, metal,
wood, card, paper, candles, blown eggs, polystyrene. All objects should
be clean and paint-free.

• extra bright colour
• exact dosage through dropper closure
• paint spreads evenly and marbles easily
• light-fast
• weather-resistant

• dropping, dipping, done!
• Fill the marbling container with water
• drip the paint directly from the jar onto the surface of the water
(2-3 colour shades are ideal)
• swirl the paint immediately using a cocktail stick to create patterns
• dip the object slowly and completely into the water and remove it
• before marbling again, carefully remove surplus paint from the surface
of the water using a piece of paper
Safety information:
Flammable. Harmful to aquatic organisms, adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
When using do not eat, drink or smoke.
Do not empty into drains. into drains.
Use only in well ventilated areas.

Quality Excellent

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