Marabu : GlasART

Marabu : GlasART

24 colours available in 15 ml and 23 colours available in 50 ml

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Whether applied on a large area or as small spots of colour, GlasArt from Marabu lets glass surfaces shine. Marabu-GlasArt is distinguished by its particularly high luminosity and brilliance producing painting results which come close to the optical effect of coloured glass. The fine, flowing colour appearance provides an even application. Using Marabu-GlasArt, a variety of effects can be obtained depending on the painting technique used. Whether vivid blends of colour or smooth applications, large areas or delicate decorations, very fine stencilling or rich paint treatments – simply create your own style. The well-balanced colour concept includes 18 shades offering good miscibility and becoming intense and shiny when dry. Black and white are opaque shades.
A wide selection of effect colours offers various kinds of possibilities for designing. High-quality pigments ensure an impressive depth of appearance. Create artistic highlights in glass painting.

Intense, sparkling clarity of this brilliant colour
New: shimmering and extravagant effect colours
Fine, very good flow properties for even colour applications
Very high lightfastness, mixes well, wipe-proof and weatherproof
For glass, porcelain, acrylic
High-quality paint, solvent-based

Here’s how it’s done:

1. The glass surface should be cleaned with hot water and detergent or Marabu-Cleaner so that it is dust and grease-free.
2. Stir all paints thoroughly – especially the 6 effect colours – before use, as the colour pigments will form a sediment at the bottom of the jar – do not shake!
3. Paint the surface as desired (see also glass painting techniques).
4. Wash brushes with Marabu-Cleaner immediately after use.
5. The paint is touch-dry after 30 minutes, complete drying takes up to 48 hours. After a drying time of 30 minutes complete drying can be reduced by curing in an oven for 5 min. at 150 °C. The high resistance of the paint is the same for either drying methods. The paint is wipe-proof when completely dry.

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Quality Excellent

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