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Using Marabu-Relief Paste, the outlines of your motif can be traced directly from the tube – easily and effortlessly. Afterwards they can be coloured in with Marabu-Glas, GlasArt or Porcelain.
Marabu-Relief Paste has even more product features. Fine decorations and great effects can be created in 14 marvellous colours. The colour range also includes transparent shades, fine metallic and glitter shades, besides the classic, solid black and white shades. Use for effective highlights on glass and porcelain.
The paint flows evenly from the tube by slightly pressing. Using the fine paint tip, even intricate motifs and lettering can be traced precisely. Simply fix the motif behind the glass and trace. Marabu-Relief Paste is also suitable for stencilling. Great results can be achieved within a short time.

  • Wide colour range for effective decorations
  • Versatile use: on glass and porcelain, for painting outlines or stencilling
  • Easy to apply from the tube
  • Dishwasher-safe without oven fixing
  • Simply paint, allow to dry, finished
  • Water based, odourless and lightfast


Glass and porcelain should be cleaned with hot water and detergent or Marabu-Cleaner so that it is dust and grease-free. Rinse off Cleaner residues thoroughly before you start painting. Paint the surface as desired. Marabu-Relief Paste is touch-dry after 30 minutes, dishwasher-safe after 3 days. We recommend rinsing your painted crockery in the programme for glasses/cups at a maximum 50°C.

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