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Please note that due to the ’REACH Enforcement Regulations’ lead based paints may only be purchased for the restoration or maintenance of fine or decorative works of art, historic buildings or their interiors, or scheduled monuments. The full text of the UK legislation is available from www.legislation.gov.uk

A declaration of use must be completed and then approved by the ‘competent body’ before we can provide you with these paints; this may take up to three weeks. 

The PDF is a printable Declaration of Use Form:

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PW 1. Reasonably quick drying, toxic.
Cremnitz White in Walnut Oil is similar to Michael Harding’s Cremnitz White in Linseed Oil except with a lower wetting ability (less pigment is needed to produce a workable consistency and the product has a greater translucency). This product echoes the feel of the European oil paint used in past centuries

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To use with Oil
Quality Exceptional
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Review by Nathan
I lament the fact that it is rather difficult to get this paint in the UK. I'm lucky that in America these lead-based paints are readily available because they are essential to my palette. Michael Harding is a mad genius and these whites are brilliant. His Cremnitz White is a staple for me, but he also created Stack Lead White based on the old Dutch method and using it is unlike using any other paint. I could see getting deterred from buying it based on the hoops one has to jump through in the UK, but its feared toxicity shouldn't be one of them. Lead white was on the palettes of all the Old Masters and is responsible for a lot of the particular nuances they achieved. Definitely a must have pigment! (Posted on 19/04/2017)
Review by Feefo
Wonderful product as with all Michael Harding oil paint (Posted on 16/03/2017)
Review by Feefo
The Unique Cremnitz White in Walnut oil on the market. The best white oil paint. (Posted on 16/03/2017)
Review by Deborah Paulus-Jagric
A beautiful lead white, with a warm cast and silky consistancy that mixes well with my other paints. After suffering with some miserable ""flake"" whites, that turned out to be mostly zinc with a touch of lead, I am delighted with and highly recommend Harding's Cremnitz in walnut oil. (Posted on 20/08/2015)

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