Molotow : Urban Fine Art : Artist Acrylic Spray Paint : 400ml : Filler White 423

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Made by Molotow in Germany, Urban Fine-Art Filler White 400ml Spray can contains quick-drying, highly-pigmented, acrylic-based primer filler. It has been designed to fill in irregularities on uneven surfaces so you can have a smooth surface to work on. It there’s any irregularities the varnish can be sanded down after it’s dried. It is suitable for nearly all porous or non-porous surfaces. It has been designed to be used with Urban Fine-Art Spray, for both street art style work and as part of a fine art practice, because of this both are suitable for use indoors and out, and are completely compatible with other artist materials.

  • Acrylic-based (100% pure acrylate)
  • High UV resistance
  • Extremely yellowing-resistant
  • 48 colour range
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