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One of the unique characteristics of these watercolours is the unparalleled colour strength (maximum pigmentation). And while this high colour strength requires a slightly different approach on the part of the aquarellist (so little paint is needed from the tube or cup for the desired colour effect that you have to get used to the ratio of paint to diluent), the advantages are clear.

Pigment classification: Cobalt silicate-Dioxazine violet-Quinacridone-Naphthol AS

Colour index: PB73-PV23-PV19-PR112

Colour index number: NA-51319-73900-12370

Lightfastness: Lightfast pigment according to ASTM

Category 1 and 2


Granular colour

Weight 0.0050
To use with Watercolour
Quality Excellent
Price Series E
Size : ml Half Pan

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