Painting Children: Secrets to Capturing Childhood Moments : Book by Bev Lee Pastel painting.


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Painting child portraits is a strong artistic tradition. This book shows the reader how to capture the charm and warmth of children in a fresh and lively manner.All of the topics covered come from questions and problems the author has had from students over the years.This book assembles all the information needed for a successful portrait: posing and composition, skin tones, hair colour and texture, colour, clothing, backgrounds and settings, everything needed to create a personal portrait that captures the uniqueness of the sitter.The main theme of creating a fresh and lively portrait is maintained throughout the book by using sidebars and other design elements that reinforce the tenderness of the art. Each topic within the book is addressed in the context of how it relates to painting children, allowing the reader to fully capture their radiance and charm.

Hardcover: 128 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1600610387

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Books & DVDs : Subject General, Portraits/Figures
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