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Since ancient times, civilized man has always liked to use ceramics to decorate objects and tell their history. The 28 colours of Ceramic will enable you to create wonderful decorative effects on terracotta, ceramics or pottery, it's your turn to tell your story.

The Ceramic colours are ideal on terracotta and earthenware. To maximize the brightness on porous surfaces it is recommended to apply, prior to painting, a filler undercoat. On rounded surfaces, be careful not to overload to avoid runs. Ceramic colours can be applied with brush, sponge, screen or bath. A sufficiently thick layer of colour can be combined with other materials like sand or engraved with a stick. Objects decorated with Ceramic colours are for decorative use only. Always clean brushes thoroughly with white spirit or odourless mineral spirit, then rinse with soapy water.


Quality: Opaque and very bright, solvent based colours, ideal for decorating ceramics. Very good lightfastness.

Colour Mixability: Yes

Drying: Oxidation in air. The colours are dry "dust free" in 3 hours at heart after 48 hours.

Surfaces: Terracotta, ceramic

Thinner: Odourless mineral spirit or white spirit

Opacity: Opaque

Finish: Brilliant

Caring (decorated supports): After drying, the colours are resistant to scratching and washing in cold water without soaking.

Brush Cleaning: Odourless mineral spirit or white spirit

Number of colours: 28

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Quality Excellent

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