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Fantasy Moon are the new textured effect pearlescent and opalescent colours that have been developed by Pebeo. With the 18 solvent‐based Fantasy Moon colours you can obtain fabulous effects whether you are a beginner or an expert in creative leisure.

Quality: Textured effects, hammered, pearlescent and opalescent.
Solvent‐based, ready to use colours.
Application with a brush in thin or thick coats.
Good resistance to light.

Mixing of Colours: The colours can be mixed together.

Drying: to the touch in 2 hours, completely dry in 10 hours.

Surfaces: Glass, mirror, terracotta, acetate, ceramic, canvas, metal, wood...

Dilution ‐ Cleaning: Odourless mineral spirit or turpentine.

Opacity: Varies according to the thickness of the application. In a thin coat, an opalescent finish is obtained. In a thick coat, an opaque finish is obtained.

Finish: Glossy.

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Quality Excellent

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