Pip Seymour : Beeswax Impasto Medium

Pip Seymour : Beeswax Impasto Medium

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Pip Seymour's range of auxiliary materials (mediums, varnishes and solvents) have been selected to combine tradition and innovation. At a time when natural materials have become scarce, expensive and hard to find, Pip Seymour intends to continue to offer these niche products at sensible prices. Pip Seymour products are all laboratory-tested and trialled in-house by artists.

Pip Seymour Beeswax Impasto Paste Medium is a blend of bleached beeswax and linseed stand oil. Added to oil colour at a concentration of 10-20%, it adds body and increases the paint's capacity to retain brushstrokes or knifemarks. It also creates a slower tack to wet paint films.

Apply to a thickness of 2-3mm maximum. Thick layers will tend to take longer to dry and will suffer increased yellowing/darkening of the dried paint film. Over-addition of beeswax paste to oil colours leaves the dried paint film fragile when exposed to high temperatures (beeswax melts at ca. 60°C).

To use with Oil
Quality Excellent

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