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Pip Seymour's range of auxiliary materials (mediums, varnishes and solvents) have been selected to combine tradition and innovation. At a time when natural materials have become scarce, expensive and hard to find, Pip Seymour intends to continue to offer these niche products at sensible prices. Pip Seymour products are all laboratory-tested and trialled in-house by artists.

Linseed Oil is a pale drying oil with a golden yellow colour, extracted from the seeds of the flax plant. Pip Seymour is proud to continue the artisanal production of high-quality cold-pressed linseed oil from flax plants: because this is a natural product, colour and viscosity varies according to yield.

Linseed Oil is used as the main binder in oil paint. Pip Seymour's Cold Pressed Linseed Oil is ideal for hand-making oil colours from dry pigment. It can also be used to fatten and extend oil colours: it will increase gloss and transparency, while naturally levelling as it dries.

This is a 250ml bottle of Pip Seymour Cold Pressed Linseed Oil. Because Pip Seymour are in the process of rebranding as 'Wallace Seymour', you may receive a product labelled as such. The contents will be identical.

Please note soft materials which have absorbed linseed oil should be stored in sealed containers, as the oil will oxidise when exposed to air. This chemical reaction releases so much heat that the rags may spontaneously combust. Brushes and tools used with linseed oil should be cleaned with white spirit.

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Size : ml 250 ml
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I mean I found the product working quite well, but not exactly as I thought. (Posted on 11/10/2015)

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