Pip Seymour : Alkali Refined Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Pip Seymour : Alkali Refined Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

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Pip Seymour's range of auxiliary materials (mediums, varnishes and solvents) have been selected to combine tradition and innovation. At a time when natural materials have become scarce, expensive and hard to find, Pip Seymour continues to offer these niche products at sensible prices. Pip Seymour products are all laboratory-tested and trialled in-house by artists.

Linseed Oil is a pale drying oil extracted from the seeds of the flax plant. It is used as the main binder in oil paint. All Refined Linseed Oils have a yellowing and darkening tendency over time. Unlike other producers of Refined Linseed Oil, Pip Seymour have decided not to bleach their oil, so that artists are able to assess the darkening properties of this oil while they paint. This is the colour that bleached oil turns to over time.

The best use for Refined Linseed Oil is in painting grounds; to make half oil grounds with whiting, titanium white and rabbit glue (as emulsion). It is also good with egg to make a tempera grasse - egg-oil emulsion. If you are paint making with dry pigments, Cold Pressed Linseed Oil (flax oil) is preferable.

When mixed with oil paints, linseed oil will increase the gloss and transparency of the paint, while also thinning it, allowing it to flow more easily and reducing its capacity to retain brushmarks. It will also slow the drying time of the paint. Can also be added to painting mediums to increase 'fat'. If adding oil to oil colour, it is technically better to add a mix of stand oil-turps 50/50, to the same consistency as linseed oil; this mix darkens less than refined linseed oil.

To use with Oil
Quality Excellent
Hazardous Type Non-Hazardous

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