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Pip Seymour's range of auxiliary materials (mediums, varnishes and solvents) have been selected to combine tradition and innovation. At a time when natural materials have become scarce, expensive and hard to find, Pip Seymour continues to offer these niche products at sensible prices. Pip Seymour products are all laboratory-tested and trialled in-house by artists.

Stand Oil is created by heating Linseed Oil in a sealed, airless container. This causes it to polymerise, and makes it thicker and more elastic in feel than Cold Pressed or Alkali-refined Linseed Oils. Added to oil colours at 10-20%, it will impart extra gloss and make paint more flexible, eliminating brush-marks. Stand Oil is exceptionally non-yellowing and is useful for glazing. It can be diluted with Turpentine or Shellsol T to create thinner films.

This is a 1000ml bottle of Pip Seymour Stand Oil. Because Pip Seymour are in the process of rebranding as 'Wallace Seymour', you may receive a product labelled as such. The contents will be identical.

Weight 1.0000
To use with Oil
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 1000 ml

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