Princeton : Sensu Solo Stylus Brushes : For Tablet & Smartphone

Princeton : Sensu Solo Stylus Brushes : For Tablet & Smartphone

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Sensu delivers a true artist painting experience on iPad, iPhone and other devices with capacitive touch screens. The conductive brush hair was developed to give a satisfying sense of resistance, and dances across the screen with a real liveliness.

Like your iPad, the Sensu brush is truly portable. The protective cap becomes the handle for the brush when in use. When you’re done painting, simply insert the brush tip into the handle chamber and push closed. The brush is now safe for travel and a rubber stylus nib is exposed that can be used for other navigation.

The real potential of Sensu is realized when used with painting and drawing apps. Many are available in the App Store and more are appearing in the Android Market all the time. From acrylic to watercolour, charcoal to marker, these apps deliver a high level of art-making reality. Sensu brings it to an even higher level.

Constructed of solid brass components that are chrome plated allowing a solid feel in the hand. The black handle section is molded of seemless silicone for comfort and a precise grip.

The Sensu works with capacitive touch screens like the iPad and iPhone (all versions), Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire S, Google Nexus S, the Motorola Atrix, and many more.

Touchscreen Artist Brush - Princeton Sensu

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Sensu Solo Tablet Brush - Touchscreen Artist Brush

Brush : Stiffness Stiff
Brush : More Shapes Domed
To use with Digital
Quality Excellent
Brush : Shape Round
Brush : Handle Short
Brush : Technique Digital

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