Pro Arte : Hog Brushes : Series A / B / E

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Series A Pro Arte Brushes – Filbert, Long Flat, Pointed Round, Short Flat, Fan
Made from Jyukeis Hog which is deemed the highest grade of Chinese bristle currently available, the bristles within the Pro Arte Hog Series A brushes are extremely firm which makes them ideal for moving oil paint around. The Long and Short Flats in particular have a beautiful razor edge and spring, making them highly responsive to oil paint. Their greatest characteristic is their ability to retain their shape even after many hours of continuous use and cleaning. There are four shapes of brushes in this range and each size sells at the same price regardless of shape. They have seamless nickelled brass ferrules and long, green polished handles.

Series B Pro Arte Brushes – Filbert, Long Flat, Pointed Round, Short Flat
These brushes are made from a high grade of Chinese Chungking bristle, with a seamless nickelled brass ferrule and a long cream polished handle.

Series E Hog Fan
A useful brush for blending and helps artists create skies and landscape effects. Seamless nickelled ferrules. Long cream polished handles.

To use with Oil, Acrylic
Brush : Hair Type Extra Hog White
Brush : Stiffness Stiff
Brush : Technique General
Quality Excellent
Vegan No
Brush : Hair Type Hog
Brush : Handle Long

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