Reynolds :Cut-Rite : Waxed on both sides : 30cm x 23m Roll


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Reynolds Cut-Rite is a fantastic addition to any crafters toolbox. It is ideal for art and craft projects, such as, die cutting and making mosaics. It is also excellent for protecting surfaces. It can be used when using die cutting to help lift off the dies delicately from the paper, without causing damage or having to fiddle with tiny bits of paper. Simply place the Cut-Rite Paper between the die template and cardstock, and run through a die cutting machine. You will find that the cut paper comes out of the die quickly and easily without the need for picking tools.

Cut-Rite represents the highest quality of waxed paper products produced today. It is manufactured with triple coating of paraffin wax. The production process used is wet waxing. The fibres of the paper stock are saturated with hot liquid when the sheet is formed. The paper is then coated with liquid wax on both sides. The wax is therefore forced into the pores and spread over the outside of the paper.

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