Roberson : Varnishes

Roberson : Varnishes

Available in sizes of 60 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml.

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Robersons Gloss Varnish

Ketone resin/stand oil/white spirit. 
Almost colourless liquid which dries to a clear non-yellowing, non-blooming high gloss film.
Should not be applied until oil colour has dried (6-12 months). Use white spirit for thinning and brush cleaning.


Robersons Oil Retouching Varnish

Acrylic and ketone resin/quick drying petroleum.

This varnish should always be applied using a light scumbling technique with a soft brush. It is also suitable for glazes.

Robersons Matt Varnish

Ketone resin/microcrystaline wax/white spirit. 
Clear, tough protection without gloss. Useful over paintings where resinous media have been used. A satin varnish may be made by mixing 50:50 with gloss varnish.

To use with Oil
Quality Excellent

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