Schmincke : Aero Color Fluid Acrylic Paint

61 colours available in 28 ml and 25 colours available in 250 ml and 6 colours available in 1000 ml

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Schmincke AERO COLOR Fluid Acrylic is a low viscosity, liquid acrylic formula. It is the least viscous product in the Schmincke acrylic range. AERO COLOR can be applied by spray gun, brush, re-touching pen, or dipping brush. It is possible to use the AERO colours pure or to spray them after they have been thinned with water. AERO COLOR Fluid Acrylic dries waterproof and lightfast.

The new airbrush concept from the Schmincke company is made up of a harmonious range of colours that includes 36 brilliant shades and 12 extraordinary special effect colours. The 12 new effect colours, and many of the 36 brilliant colours, are made of a single-pigment which guarantees brilliant mixtures and an unlimited variety of shades. A large number of the bright colours are glazed or semi-glazed. They can be made opaque by adding a small amount of extremely opaque SUPRA-White, without being made any brighter or losing their tinting strength.

Schminke’s airbrush concept also includes several mediums which have a whole range of uses, from the primer to the final treatment.

AERO COLOR Professional can be used on papers and cardboards as well as non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics, canvas, and (after preliminary treatment) metal.

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Quantity : Pack Single
To use with Acrylic, Ink
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 250 ml

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