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    AKADEMIE oil colour is a fine artists' oil colour range from Schmincke which has been extended to 48 - new formulated - colours. AKADEMIE oil colours contain quality artists' pigments in high concentration which guarantee for the brilliance and excellent lightfastness (4 and 5 Stars only). Brilliant shades can be obtained also in mixtures due to the large number of one-pigment-colours. With AKADEMIE oil colours, Schmincke offers a harmonious colour range for beginners and heavy users. High luminosity, a harmonious colouristic with translucent to opaque colours are only some of the main features of this colour range.

    Due to the new and balanced formulations with high quality linseed and - for the white shades (zinc, titanium and mixing white) - with sunflower oils AKADEMIE oil colours offer a fast and uniform drying time throughout the 48 colour assortment. AKADEMIE oil are very heavybody oil colours which can be applied very easily and smoothly.

    All colours are available in 60-ml-tubes; 36 colours come also in 200-ml-tubes and 8 colours also in jars of 500 ml which will offer a very favourable price/performance ratio especially to artists who require large quantities of colours. AKADEMIE oil colours can be combined and mixed with other oil colours and the use of different Schmincke painting mediums allows individual variations in all painting techniques.

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