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Semi-opaque blue with a subtle red tinge. Genuine cobalt blue was discovered in the 18th century, and was first used in colouring at the beginning of the 19th century. With cobalt blue, it was now possible to colour a radiant blue sky.

Pigment: Cobalt-zincsilicon oxide

CI number: PB 74

Lightfastness: *****

On the basis of many years of scientific experience in the field of artists' colours, Schmincke continues to use a broad and diverse scope of artists' oils, which it combines with the most suitable natural dammar resin from Palembang, Indonesia. The amount of dammar resin which is added in colloidal solution depends on the oil requirements of the pigment concerned. The use of different variants of linseed oil purified by means of highly sophisticated processes also predominates in the Mussini artists' resin-oil-colours.
The microscopic evaporation pores enable oxygen to penetrate more effectively into the inner layers, thus providing for more even drying of the surface and inner layers. This, in turn, reduces the danger of wrinkling and surface tension during the drying process.

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