Schmincke : Mussini Oil Medium : 2 Slow Dry : 60ml : By Road Parcel Only


By road only : Hazardous product subject to transport restrictions.

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Schmincke Mussini Oil Medium 2 is a slow drying medium. It reduces the drying speed of the paint and allows for an extended working period. This oil rich medium is suitable for wet-in-wet painting and blending techniques. The high content of oil and resin in the medium improves the gloss of the paint. It dries to a smooth elastic film.

Contains: Sunflower oil, stand oil, mineral spirit, ketone resin

Weight 0.1500
To use with Oil
Quality Excellent
Hazardous Type Dangerous for the Environment or Aquatic Life, Flammable, Health hazard/Hazardous to the ozone
Size : ml 60 ml

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