Schmincke : Soft Pastel : Wooden Presentation Case Set : 100 Sticks

Schmincke : Soft Pastel : Wooden Presentation Case Set : 100 Sticks


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Schmincke soft pastels contain the finest artists' pigments in the highest concentration using a minimum of binders. The extreme softness and colour strength of Schmincke pastels demand a very traditional and costly forming process as well as labelling by hand. The colour range includes 400 tones classified in 80 rows with 5 colours each. The complete assortment also contains 5 additional pearl lustre effect colours.

COLOURS MAY VARY 001D White 001D White 001D White 002O Permanent Yellow Lemon No. 1 007H Titanium Yellow 003M Permanent Yellow Light No. 2 003H Permanet Yellow Light No. 2 003D Permanet Yellow Light No. 2 009O Vanadium Yellow Deep 004O Permanent Yellow Deep No. 3 004M Permanent Yellow Deep No. 3 004H Permanent Yellow Deep No. 3 004D Permanent Yellow Deep No. 3 010H Orange Light 010D Orange Light 005H Orange Deep 005D Orange Deep 042H Permanent Red Pale No. 1 042D Permanent Red Pale No. 1 040M Vermilion 023O Caput Mortuum Pale 042M Permanent Red Pale No. 1 047O Rose Madder 047H Rose Madder 049O Purple No. 1 045H Madder Lake 046H Carmine Red 044H Permanent Red Deep No. 3 044B Permanent Red Deep No. 3 045D Madder Lake 043M Bordeaux 043M Bordeaux 091M Grey Blue No. 1 064M Cobalt Blue Tone 064M Cobalt Blue Tone 066O Prussian Blue 057O Bluish Violet 056O Reddish Violet 056H Reddish Violet 050H Purple No. 2 059H Deep Violet 063H Ultramarine Deep 064H Cobalt Blue Tone 065D Greenish Blue 690H Cerulean Blue 066H Prussian Blue 064D Coablt Blue Tone 600M Delft Blue 062D Ultramarine Light 063D Ultramarine Deep 059D Deep Violet 063B Ultramarine Deep 066D Prussian Blue 068O Bluish Green 075O Mossy Green No. 1 085O Olive Green No. 1 071O Light Green 071M Light Green 068M Bluish Green 068H Bluish Green 084H Chromium Oxide Green 076M Mossy Green No. 2 076H Mossy Green No. 2 075D Mossy Green No. 1 076D Mossy Green No. 2 071D Light Green 073D Leaf Green No. 1 080B Cold Green No. 1 030H Greenish Umber 085D Olive Green No. 1 085B Olive Green No. ` 014H Gold Ochre 016H Flesh Ochre 013D Ochre Light 032H Brown Ochre 028D Olive Ochre Light 033D Burnt Green Earth 035O Burnt Umber 024O Caput Mortuum Deep 022O English Red 018H Burnt Sienna 019H Burnt Yellow Ochre 024H Caput Mortuum Deep 023H Caput Mortuum Pale 033H Burnt Green Earth 022D English Red 023D Caput Mortuum Pale 024B Caput Mortuum Deep 036D Vandyke Brown 036B Vandyke Brown 094B Greenish Grey No. 2 091D Grey Blue No. 1 091B Grey Blue No. 1 093M Greenish Grey No. 1 098O Neutral Grey 098N Neutral Grey 098K Netural Grey 098G Neutral Grey 098F Neutral Grey 098D Neutral Grey
pastel diameter: approx 12mm

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Quality Excellent
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