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Schmincke soft pastels contain the finest artists' pigments in the highest concentration using a minimum of binders. The extreme softness and colour strength of Schmincke pastels demand a very traditional forming process; the Pastels are so soft they must be labelled individually, by hand!

The full Schmincke pastel colour range includes 400 tones classified in 75 colour rows plus a range of neutral greys, extra dark colours, pearl lustre and metallic colours. Each of the 75 colour rows contain five pastels which are all variations on a pigment colour: one pure pigment pastel, one with added black, and three with increasing amounts of white added to lighten the colour. This gives a great colour spectrum and allows you to work with total freedom, knowing you have the right pastel for the job.

This set contains the complete assortment of 400 pastels. The pastels are arranged by colour in four removable wooden trays. These trays slot into the splendid presentation case, which is made of stained walnut. This case would make a stunning gift for any pastel artist.

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