Shin Han : Touch Twin 12 BRUSH Marker Pen Set : Skin Tones


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The Touch Twin brush marker features a distinct fine brush nib on one end and a medium-wide chisel nib on the other, allowing users to express a wider range of techniques. The newly broadened colour spectrum of 204 brilliant colours allows artists and designers greater possibilities and freedom of expression. The innovative and durable design of the nibs ensures they will not lose their firmness over time. Optimum ink flow and drying rates allow for seamless execution of even the most detailed artwork. Refillable ink and replacement nibs add to the longevity of the Touch Twin Brush Markers.

Contents Include:

Pastel Peach YR26
Powder Pink YR27
Fruit Pink R28
Bareley Beige YR29
Skin White R131
Milky White YR132
Baby Skin Pink YR133
Blush R136
Medium Pink RP137
Flesh R139
Light Orange R140

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Weight 0.3000
Array 3 - 6 mm
Quality Excellent
Sets & Packs Set

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