Talens : Rembrandt Watercolour : Set : 48 Half Pan Plus brush in Metal box


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This set contains 48 pans of Rembrandt Watercolors, including one each of the following colors: 207 Cadmium Yellow Lemon 208 Cadmium Yellow Light 210 Cadmium Yellow Deep 211 Cadmium Orange 238 Gamboge 303 Cadmium Red Light 311 Vermillion 108 Chinese White 227 Yellow Ochre 234 Raw Sienna 242 Aureoline 265 Transparent Oxide Yellow 306 Cadmium Red Deep 314 Cadmium Red Medium 318 Carmine 336 Permanent Madder Lake 339 Light Oxide Red 366 Quinacridone Rose 378 Transparent Oxide Red 403 Vandyke Brown 408 Raw Umber 409 Burnt Umber 411 Burnt Sienna 416 Sepia 426 Transparent Oxide Brown 503 French Ultramarine 506 Ultramarine Deep 508 Prussian Blue 511 Cobalt Blue 522 Turquoise Blue 532 Mauve 534 Cerulean Blue 567 Permanent Red Violet 568 Permanent Blue Violet 576 Phthalo Blue Green 583 Phthalo Blue Red 585 Indanthrene Blue 615 Emerald Green 616 Viridian 620 Olive Green 623 Sap Green 645 Hooker Green Deep 662 Permanent Green 668 Chrome Oxide Green 675 Phthalo Green 701 Ivory Black 708 Payne’s Gray 715 Neutral Tint
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To use with Watercolour
Quality Excellent
Sets & Packs Set
Size : ml Half Pan
Review by Mariya
I am disappointed. Not paints (they just excellent!), but the box. The metal box shouldn't be painted (unlike plastic). But this box was painted at once and not washed. Paint ingrained in the box:( Spots of paint pigment is not washed...
Didn't expect it from Royal Talents. Interesting they all the same or me "was so lucky"? (Posted on 06/01/2017)
Review by Alicia Hoang Sario
This is a very beautiful and very well made set. It is so well worth the buy. The colours are so rich and deeply pigmented a little really goes a long way. The packaging and the brush is very beautiful and I truly love this set. If a watercolour can spoil the artist with its abilities, this would be it! My lifelong love affair with watercolour has just reached a new height. (Posted on 20/08/2015)
Review by Feefo
excellent quality watercolors, and excellent packaging (Posted on 29/10/2014)

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