Testing Testing!



Welcome to the new Jackson's Art Supplies website!

We're not quite finished building it yet, but we wanted you to help us decide on a few finishing touches. We need to make sure everything works perfectly - and that's where you come in as an existing follower or customer of Jackson's.

  • We've applied a 10% discount to all our products (applied in your basket) as a thank you for trying out the site. If you'd like to leave feedback, send a message through the chat box.
  • We'll be able to tell which page you submitted the feedback from so feel free to report each issue individually, as it will help us identify the location of the problem.
  • If there's anything you'd like to see done differently, or a feature you particularly like, let us know! We'll do our best to implement what we can.
  • We're also developing a mobile site, which will be launched after the full version - this will mean things might not yet look quite right if viewed on an iPad or mobile phone.
  • Your old Jackson's account should work on this site, though for security reasons you'll need to request a new password. 
  • The structure of the website is a bit different to what you'll be used to from us, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it:


Know what you're looking for?

If you've got an idea of what you'd like to look at - Pyrrole Red Acrylic, for example - your best bet is to do a search. As you type, our new search function will bring up products, categories and even blog posts related to your term. Once you have your search results, you'll also be able to use our new product filters.



Browsing by category?

If you'd prefer to browse a whole area of the website - Acrylic Paint, maybe - then use the Colour, Surface, Brush and Studio menus at the top to look at a specific group of products. These can be narrowed down using the filters on the left, which will let you isolate specific brands, sizes, applications and many other properties.


Browsing by brand?

Maybe you know that you prefer our Jackson's own brand paints and would like to see what other product ranges we have - to find out, you can use the Brand navigation menu to look at a specific company's products. Again, your results can be filtered, so Jackson's branded items could be narrowed down to just paints, or papers, or whatever you fancy.


Any questions?

Please get in touch! You can use the feedback box to contact our office regarding the new site and any issues you maybe having with ordering.