The Fine Artists Career Guide : Book by Daniel Grant


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A beginner s overview of the professional art world.

This new edition of an invaluable resource enables you, as a visual artist, to get a clear picture of the educational and professional opportunities open to you, establish yourself successfully in the market, or give your career a completely new spin. This book details the characteristics and qualifications of each profession, institutions that offer additional study in a particular field, plus where to look for current job postings.

Written by a veteran art career expert, it covers: selecting an art school; teaching at the college level or in residency programs; licensing artwork; portraiture and calligraphy; medical and scientific illustration; working in print studios and sculpture foundries; art conservation; art therapy; architecture and interior design; working in theater; museum careers; art law; art appraisal; arts administration; illustration and the design field.

Weaving together practical advice and in-depth discussions, interviews, and success stories from a wide range of professional artists, this is an invaluable tool for your career in the visual arts, whatever your background or experience.


“The Fine Artist s Career Guide accomplishes a monumental task in exploring and critiquing all the basic possibilities in art employment.” —Chicago Artists’ News

“Daniel Grant s The Fine Artist s Career Guide provides an excellent survey of the career options available to young artists in the fine and applied arts.” —Midwest Book Review

“Daniel Grant provides no-nonsense observations with authenticity.” —Arts & Activities

Table of contents:


Chapter 1: Selecting an Art School

Choosing the Program or School

Art Schools and the Computer

How Schools Select Their Students


Financial Aid

Chapter 2: Looking for a Job

Assessing Skills

Preparing a Resume

Developing a Network


Resources for Job Hunters

Career Advice for the Fine Artist

Chapter 3: Establishing a Presence in the Art World

Making Connections

Internships and Assistantships

Balancing the Day Job and a Rising Place in the Art World

Exhibiting One s Artwork

Art Worlds

Private Commissions

To Sell or Not to Sell (Directly)

Finding a Dealer

Sales and Rental Galleries

Selling Art on the Web

Chapter 4: The Search for Art-Related Income

Teaching at the College Level

State Artists-in-Residence Programs

Federal and Privately Sponsored Residence Programs

Developing a Print Market


Chapter 5: Putting One s Art Talents to Work


Courtroom and Forensic Art

Religious and Liturgical Art

Letter Arts

Combat Art

Chapter 6: Art-Related Employment Requiring Additional Study

Medical Illustration

Scientific Illustration

Art Conservation

Art Therapy


Interior Design

Chapter 7: Making a Living as a Printmaker

Supporting Oneself as a Printmaker

Working in a Print Studio

Supporting Oneself as a Sculptor

Public Works of Art

Foundry Technician


Theater Props


Chapter 8: Careers in the Art World The Museum as Employer

Art Appraisal


Chapter 9: Careers in Design

Moving into the Design Field


A Foot in Two Careers

From Commercial to Fine Art

Chapter 10: The Art World and Minorities

African-American Artists

Native-American Artists

Asian-American Artists

Latino Artists

Minority Artists and Craftspeople



General Job-Search Assistance

Career Skills for Artists

Art and the Law

Health and Safety in the Arts and Crafts

Of Related Interest



Paperback:320 pages

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN-13: 1-58115-347-3

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