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Tri-Art's Big Basic Set will allow you to test drive a range of Tri-Art Artist Acrylic Mediums and enhance any acrylic painting or explore new possibilities. An ideal starting point for students trying acrylic mediums or professionals looking to sample, test, and mix new inspirations. Contains 6 jars of acrylic mediums to explore. Invest in a full jar when you fall in love with something new! 

Tri-Art Artist Acrylic Mediums have been formulated in accompaniment with Tri-Art Acrylic colours to provide the enterprising artist of any level with the tools needed to create an endless possibility of texture, effects and finishes. These mediums are compatible with each other and all acrylic colours. They can be mixed together in any proportion to achieve the desired texture, viscosity and finish, with the exception of the Retarder which is most effective only when used in correct proportion. All Tri-Art Artist Mediums are of archival quality. 

Clear Gesso 250ml
Clear Gesso is a tintable ground with all the advantages of a traditional acrylic gesso. It will seal but not conceal all semi-absorbent surfaces. Ideal for use to seal but not conceal the original visual appearance of the substrate. Dries to a translucent, matte and lightly toothy finish. Sandable when dry. Ideal for mixing with acrylic colours to create custum grounds.

Self Levelling Gel 250ml
Self-leveling Gels are the ideal medium for creating thick, level glazes or string-like extrusions without brush strokes. Honey-like, It flows over areas of inconsistent textures to create a more uniform surface and dries very smooth. These gels dry to a level, high gloss or matte film.

Gel Medium 250ml
Gel Mediums are, in essence, high viscosity paint without pigment. Formulated from 100% pure acrylic polymer emulsion, Gel Mediums are capable of holding every texture detail from high peaks to a fingerprint, and stays flexible even in thick applications. Their superior adhesive quality also makes them the ideal mediums for collage and mixed media.

Black Gesso 250ml
Black Gesso will seal all semi-absorbent surfaces while creating a very dark painting surface. Sandable when dry. Dark and opaque when wet, dries to a very matte, opaque and extremely dark finish. Made with 100% acrylic emulsion, calcium carbonate, matting agent and Carbon Black pigment.

Nepheline Gel Coarse 250ml
Nepheline Gels are semi-transparent mediums used to create granular textures. They mix easily with Tri-Art Acrylic colours and mediums to create a variety of effects. Nepheline Gels boast the same flexibility and adhesive qualities as other Tri-Art professional Gels and can provide an interesting surface for mixed media applications and interesting textured grounds.

Dry Media Ground 250ml
Dry Media Ground is a medium that seals a surface and dries to an extremely matte finish with a fine, even tooth. It is able to accept colour and is the ideal surface for drawing media.

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