Tri-Art : Acrylic Mediums : Essential Set : 15x60ml

Tri-Art : Acrylic Mediums : Essential Set : 15x60ml


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Tri-Art's Essential Medium Set will allow you to test drive a range of Tri-Art Artist Acrylic Mediums and enhance any acrylic painting or explore new possibilities. An ideal starting point for students trying acrylic mediums or professionals looking to sample, test, and mix new inspirations. Contains 15 jars of acrylic mediums to explore. Invest in a full jar when you fall in love with something new!

Tri-Art Artist Acrylic Mediums have been formulated in accompaniment with Tri-Art Acrylic colours to provide the enterprising artist of any level with the tools needed to create an endless possibility of texture, effects and finishes. These mediums are compatible with each other and all acrylic colours. They can be mixed together in any proportion to achieve the desired texture, viscosity and finish, with the exception of the Retarder which is most effective only when used in correct proportion. All Tri-Art Artist Mediums are of archival quality. 

Set contains one 60 ml / 2 oz. jar of the following mediums:

  • Black Gesso: Offers superior covering power and flexibility. Dries to a matte black finish that can be easily sanded to provide a smoother ground.
  • Clear Gesso: A self-leveling, tintable ground with all the advantages of a traditional gesso. Dries to a translucent, matte and lightly toothy, sandable finish.
  • Final Finish Semi Gloss: A self-leveling polymer designed to unify the lustre of a finished painting. Can be tinted with transparent liquid acrylics.
  • Glazing Medium Gloss: Create luminous glazes with a gloss finish. Dries clear and retains subtle brush marks.
  • Gloss Gel Medium: In essence, high viscosity paint without pigment capable of holding texture detail. An excellent colour extender or impasto glazing medium.
  • Low Viscosity Polymer: This gel, thick yet easy to manipulate, will hold smooth textures and will extend and add body to liquid acrylic colours.
  • Modeling Gel Clear: An ultra-thick gel capable of holding extreme texture.
  • Modeling Paste: Useful for building up surfaces, stiff peaks and crisp, rigid textures. Dries to a matte, opaque and extremely white finish.
  • Modeling Paste Clear: Delivers superior peak and detail holding capabilities. Grey-white when wet but will dry translucent, matte and can be tinted.
  • Nephaline Gel Coarse: Create flexible, granular textures & interesting surfaces for mixed media applications.
  • Opacifying Medium: Radically opacify transparent and semi-opaque colours without white! Retains the true hue of the colour while providing hiding power.
  • Polymer Medium Matte: Used for thinning and extending any viscosity of acrylic paint. Adds a small amount of tooth to a surface and dries to a translucent finish.
  • Retarder: A thin water-based product designed to slow down the drying time of acrylic colours. Mix with colours and mediums at up to 15%. A larger proportion of Retarder to colour can negatively effect permanence and film integrity.
  • Self-Leveling Gel Matte: Creates thick, level glazes without brush strokes. Dries to a level, matte film which can be etched into when partially dry to create encaustic-like effects.
  • UV Stabilizing Medium Gloss: Provides lightfastness and weatherability. Dries to a semi-gloss, water-permanent film.
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