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Tri-Art mediums have been formulated for use with Tri-Art acrylic colors to provide the artist with an endless range of textures, effects, and finishes. These mediums are compatible with each other and all Tri-Art acrylic colors. They can also be used with acrylic colors from other manufacturers.

Mix them together in any proportion to achieve the desired texture, viscosity, and finish. The only exception to the rule is Tri-Art Retarder, which is most effective only when used in the correct proportion. All Tri-Art artist mediums are of archival quality.

This set contains 6 x 120ml bottles - Polymer Medium in Matte and Gloss, Glazing Medium in Gloss and Final Finish in Gloss, Matte and Semi-Gloss.

Polymer Medium Matte & Gloss
Tri-Art Polymer Medium is in essence, Tri-Art Liquid Paint without pigment. Ideal for extending colours for smooth applications. It will thin thick-format acrylic paint and increase the flow of colours – perfect for fine detail work. It is extremely adhesive and can be used in collage and craft applications such as decoupage. Made with 100% acrylic emulsion, Polymer Medium will maintain brush strokes and light textures and will dry to a water resistant, flexible film. Polymer Mediums can be added to resoluble water- based paints such as watercolours and gouache to increase water resistance, flexibility and permanance.

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Glazing Medium in Gloss
Glazing Medium is the ideal medium for creating smooth and luminous glazes with a gloss or matte finish. It retains very subtle brush marks. It is very thin and free-flowing with good adhesion and flexibility. Its consistency allows for veils of layered colours to be applied and to still maintain a smooth and even surface. For thinner glazes it is recommended to use with Tri-Art's Finest Quality Liquid or Ink colours and apply with a wide, soft-haired brush.

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Final Finish in Gloss, Matte & Semi-Gloss
Final Finish is a self-leveling polymer, designed to unify the luster of a finished painting. Clear drying, this medium can be applied in successive layers to provide a glossy, semi-gloss or matte surface. Apply in thin coats and allow for 12 hours between coats. Water-like in consistency, apply with a soft brush. A larger brush is recommended for fewer passes of medium on surface. Can be tinted with transparent Liquid Acrylics. Made with 100% acrylic emulsion – will maintain good adhesion, flexibility, and gloss factor.

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