Uni-Booth : Multi Purpose Spray Booth System

Uni-Booth : Multi Purpose Spray Booth System

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The SIMair UNI-BOOTH is a multi-purpose spray booth suitable for numerous workshop, studio and industrial situations where fumes and overspray present a problem. If airbrushes are used heavily or in unventilated areas a build up of overspray will occur. To prevent inhalation of fumes Simair have designed the multi-purpose Uni-Booth SA12314 (previously known as model UB3020). It uses a powerful centrifugal blower, drawing overspray into a fine intake filter and charcoal filter. Clean air is then exhausted back into the local environment or outside via the optional ducting kit. A clear acrylic top allows light into the spray area which is supplied with removable liner, hanging bar and turntable. Ideal for three dimensional items and general design. Also suitable for aerosol sprays.

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