Uni : Posca : Marker : PC-5M : Medium Bullet Tip : 1.8 - 2.5mm : Brown

Uni : Posca : Marker : PC-5M : Medium Bullet Tip : 1.8 - 2.5mm : Brown


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POSCAs are water-based pigment paint markers which are without solvent and odourless and can write on any surface. Paint is permanent on porous surfaces, and removable on non-porous surfaces such as glass. Ideal for a wide range of surfaces, the paint markers adhere perfectly to all types of paper and cardboard such as tracing paper, photo paper or cardboard. The paint does not bleed through paper and is resistant through time. The adherence can be further optimized using varnish. POSCA is great for use on clays, stones and rocks, cement etc. It adheres perfectly and you can get a fine line definition. They are also ideal for creative works on ceramic/porcelain. Once baked in the oven, they will become permanent. If you want to keep a POSCA artwork made in ceramic or porcelain, it is recommended that you use a matte lacquer hair spray or slow cooking up to 120 °. Wash in cold water only. The paint marker are also ideal for creations on wood. It is resistant to water, light and time and so it is particularly recommended for outside surfaces. It is also suitable for use on latex, it writes on glass yet can be cleaned off with a damp cloth. POSCA pens can also be used on smooth and raw leather, suede and even wax or eggshell. Posca PC-5M medium bullet tip is the ‘multi-purpose’ member of the Posca range. It produces neat and precise lines and is ideal for colouring. The PC-5M is a favourite of both professionals and beginners. Multi-purpose: it offers unlimited uses, the tip is not too thick nor too thin. Fun : it comes in one of POSCA’s largest range of colours Convenient and economical: tips are removable, easy to clean and replaceable for prolonged life of the marker. Ecological: it has been granted the green-net label as it is made from 41% of recycled materials. THE DESIGN The Ball is designed to mix various components throughout use and gives the paint a homogeneous consistency. Shake the marker vigorously with the cap securely attached in order to run the ball inside the barrel. On a sheet, press down the tip several times to start the paint flowing. All uni POSCA tips can be rinsed with water and some are reversible or replaceable. HOW TO PRIME POSCA? Shake the marker vigorously with the cap securely attached in order to move the ball inside the barrel. On a test sheet, press the tip down several times to start the paint flowing. Replace the cap tightly after use. HOW TO USE POSCA BRUSH? Shake the marker vigorously with the cap securely attached in order to move the ball inside the barrel. To use the marker, remove the cap and the protection on the push button. Press and hold the push button to start the paint flowing. Replace the cap tight after use. Another tip: You do not need to press the push button for too long and only once the cap has been removed. WHAT IS THE DRYING TIME? The drying time is extremely quick. Generally, the paint dries quicker on porous surfaces than on smooth ones. In any case, wait a few minutes and the paint will be dry. WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN THE TIP HAS DRIED? Don't panic if you have lost the cap and the tip has completely dried. Thanks to the piston and valve mechanism, you can flow paint once again by priming the POSCA marker again. Another tip: In case the tip is extremely dry, you can take it out simply by pulling and rinse it with water. WHAT ARE POSCA'S PAINT CHARACTERISTICS? The paint is both opaque and fluid, smooth and dense with a wide coverage. It can be mixed, diluted and overlaid. The rendering is similar to that of acrylic. HOW TO MIX COLOURS? You can mix colours directly onto the surface as long as the paint is wet. Another tip: You can clean the tip, turn it over or replace it if the reference allows it. HOW TO OVERLAY COLOURS? Opaque and dense, POSCA's paint is ideal to overlay colours ! As the paint dries quickly, you can cover a layer by another one within a minute and without smudges. Another tip: Light colours can perfectly overlay with dark ones. WHAT DOES 'WATERCOLOUR' MEAN? HOW CAN I GET THIS EFFECT? POSCA's paint can be diluted to create a gradation effect: that is 'watercolour'. It has to be performed before the paint dries. Another tip: You can use a brush soaked in water to work directly with the paint.
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Weight 0.0200
Nib Size 1.8 - 2.5 mm
Quantity : Pack Single
To use with Acrylic, Glass Painting, Pens
Quality Excellent

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