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This most pleasing set of 18 Unison Soft Pastels has been specially chosen by artist David Tremlett.

David Tremlett is an installation artist who uses pastels to create large pieces of wall art. His best know works are drawn on the walls of museums, galleries, old churches and ruined buildings. His compositions typically consist of colourful abstract forms.

An unusual set designed by an unusual artist!

Contents Include:

18 x Unison Soft Pastels

1 x Dark 1 (DK1)
1 x Red Earth (RE17)
1 x Brown Earth (BE28)
1 x Yellow 14 (Y14)
1 x Special Collection 1 (SC1)
1 x Additional 15 (A15)
1 x Green 19 (GREEN19)
1 x Green 13 (GREEN13)
1 x Yellow-Green-Earth 18 (YGE18)
1 x Yellow-Green-Earth 15 (YGE15)
1 x Yellow 4 (Y4)
1 x Yellow 10 (Y10)
1 x Additional 42 (A42)
1 x Tremlett Grey (an original made especially for the artist)
1 x Grey 36 (GREY36)
1 x Dark 17 (DK17)
1 x Blue Violet (BV12)
1 x Grey 15 (GREY15)


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Great (Posted on 04/11/2014)

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