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Winsor & Newton : Artist Sable Brushes

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The Artists' Water Colour Sable brush range has been created using Winsor and Newton's unique brush-making expertise and the feedback from experienced water colour artists.

There is no compromise on the quality of the raw materials used - quality Kolinsky sable hair, Birchwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules all put together by hand to give you, the artist, a truly excellent water colour brush.

The Artists' Water Colour Sable brush range has been created based upon the most popular and useful brush shapes for water colour painting. Using their experience Winsor and Newton have improved the profile of the round brush to ensure an excellent belly and perfect point, and introduced a new shape the "Pointed Round", for when extra fine detail with colour carrying is essential.

In addition to the qualityof materials and method of manufacture, the Artists' Water Colour Sable brush has the added benefit of a unique sculptured handle with a matt finish for the ultimate in comfort whilst painting.

Structure of the hair

The Kolinsky sable hair used in Artists’ Water Colour Sable brushes is specially selected from only the finest available, sourced from Eastern Siberia. Kolinsky sable hair has many natural attributes which contribute to its excellent performance for water colour brushes.
Each hair is made up of millions of tiny scales, which when grouped together in a brush head are capable of carrying a vast amount of colour.

This means that large areas can be covered without having to reload the brush with colour, plus the colour is also released in a controlled manner.

Point & Belly

The natural profile of Kolinsky sable hair provides a pronounced belly and is tapered at the tip.

When the hairs are expertly blended together the natural shape of the hair is accentuated giving the brush a large belly and perfect point.

Spring & Snap

The constitution of Kolinsky sable hair is such that it has a natural tendency to spring back on itself.

This means the brush shape is naturally maintained during painting giving the artist more control.


Kolinsky sable hair is extremely resilient, as a result of the severe weather conditions the sable species is subjected to in its indigenous environment (Eastern Siberia).

Consequently the hair is very durable. A brush with quality Kolinsky sable hair, if cared for correctly, will last much longer than other inferior sables or synthetic brushes.

Sustainability of the handle

The handle is made from Birchwood which is FSC certified.

This ensures that the Birchwood used is obtained from a sustainable source and ongoing support is given to the growth of responsible forest management.

Contoured handle

The handle has a unique sculptured profile with two ‘bellies’. The central dip allows the brush to sit comfortably in your hand and combines very nicely with the comfort of the matt finish. The second belly towards the end of the brush handle allows for different painting positions. This variety is particularly good with the larger brushes when covering wider areas of the paper.

Matt finish of the handle

Unlike the majority of artists’ brushes, the Artists' Water Colour Sable has a matt finish.

The matt finish provides a more secure grip on the paint brush when in use and will also help differentiate Artists' Water Colour Sable brushes from other gloss brushes - making it easier to find in your collection of brushes when painting.


A seamless nickel ferrule is used to fit the head to the handle. This prevents corrosion of the ferrule and handle when in contact with water.

Introduction - ROUND - Short handle

Fine detail, lines and washes.
A round bellied water colour brush. This is the most popular water colour brush and is excellent for washes as well as fine detail work.

Introduction - POINTED ROUND - Short handle

Round with an elongated point and tip. For accuracy and fine detail.
An adaptation of the round, it has an extra fine taper point for accuracy and fine detail work, plus the belly to hold colour.

Introduction - RIGGER - Short handle

Extra fine point for lines, long scroll work and detail.
The longest, thinnest round water colour brush. It was first designed for painting the rigging on ships, these brushes are excellent for continuous fine lines.

Introduction - ONE STROKE - Short Handle

A short flat water colour brush. For edges and shapes or applying washes.
Originally for ‘one stroke’ application by sign writers, many water colourists use this brush for washes. It also makes a unique chisel edged flat brush mark.


A set containing some of the most popular brushes from our Artists’ Water Colour range. This set contains: 2 Round brushes (Sizes 0 and 4), a size 2 Rigger and a ¼”/ 6mm One Stroke.

To use with Watercolour, Gouache, Ink
Brush : Stiffness Soft
Brush : Technique General
Quality Good
Vegan No
Brush : Hair Type Red Sable
Brush : Handle Short

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