Winsor & Newton : Foundation Brushes

Winsor & Newton : Foundation Brushes

Available in Flat, Wash, Spalter & Mop.

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The Winsor & Newton Foundation™ range provides an introductory selection of good quality brushes for students, hobbyists and beginners. These watercolour brushes are available in a choice of packs, which contain various sized brushes, in round, flat or filbert shapes. Round brushes provide excellent control and are good for lines and detail work. Filberts are idea for broad strokes with a soft edge. Flat brushes are excellent for bold, sweeping strokes and the edge can also be used for line work. The range also includes a 30mm spalter brush which is good for washes and soft blending of larger areas and a mop for adding or removing large areas of water or colour. All Foundation™ watercolour brushes are made from golden synthetic filament, which is ideal for working in watercolour.
To use with Oil
Brush : Stiffness Medium
Brush : Technique General
Quality Basic
Brush : Handle Short

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