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The Artists' Oilbar is a unique medium because it provides artists with greater buttery consistency and richness of oil colour together with the freedom and directness of pastels or charcoal.

Artists' Oilbar is fundamentally different from oil pastels or oil crayons due to it's unique formulation. The new range has a spectrum of 50 colours each of which is produced by combining artists' quality pigments with linseed or safflower oil, blended with specially selected wax. It offers an exciting and versatile way of painting and drawing – from sketching, to sgraffito effects, whether used on its own or with tube oil colour.

A rich dark red, Cadmium Red Deep Hue is a carefully selected combination of pigments closely resembling genuine Cadmium Red Deep.

Colour number/code: 098 Series number: 2 Chemical description: Napthol Carbamide, Benzimidazolone Orange Colour index name: PR170, PO36 Colour index number: 12475, 11780 Permanence rating: A ASTM lightfastness rating: II Transparency/Opacity: SO

Winsor and Newton Oilbar - Artist Demonstration

Winsor & Newton Oilbar - Artist Demonstration

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