Winsor & Newton : Professional Acrylic Paint

Available in 98 colours, in 60ml, 200ml and 237ml sizes.

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Professional Acrylics, Winsor and Newtons professional grade Acrylic colour range, is considered to be a breakthrough in Acrylic Colour technology. This claim is thanks to a new revolutionary acrylic binder that they use in the paint, which is transparent both when wet and when dry. This means that the colours to do not alter in between their wet and dry states, which alleviates any colour matching issues that may be experienced with other acrylic paints.

The range also only uses the purest, highest grade pigments available, and 86 per cent of the colours in the range consist of single pigments. This is to ensure that the colour brilliance is maintained, as well as clarity and strength in each colour. It also means that the artist is able to mix colours with relative ease, making it easier to avoid mixing colours that are not dulled down or muddied with complex pigment combinations.

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