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A distinctive rose coloured single pigment made from the roots of the common madder plant, Rubia tinctorum. It is a rich, transparent pigment with granulating properties in watercolour. Considered the most stable natural pigment, it was highly sought-after since 1500 BC, when it was originally used as a fabric dye. Renowned colourist George Field, discovered the most efficient process of extracting the dye and thus making a stronger, more vibrant pigment. Realising the importance of his work, Winsor & Newton acquired Field's research and they have used this as the basis for their colour recipes ever since.

Series number: 4 Chemical description: Lake of natural madder Colour index name: NR 9 Colour index number: 75330 Permanence rating: B(i) ASTM lightfastness rating: N/L Transparency/Opacity: T Granulating/Staining: G

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