Zest It : Airbrush Cleaner for Acrylic & Water Based Media : 125ml


By road only : Hazardous product subject to transport restrictions.

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The Zest It Airbrush Cleaner is ideal for cleaning airbrushes that have been used with for use with acrylic and water based media

The Airbrush Cleaner should be sprayed through the Airbrush when a colour change is necessary whilst working.

Place a few drops (roughly 1ml) of the Airbrush Cleaner into the paint cup of the Airbrush and spray into a 'cleaning pot'. Spray through until clear and pour out the remaining liquid from the cup or wipe with kitchen towel and add water. Finally add a new colour to cup and test spray on scrap paper.

Please note, if you leave the airbrush for a short time between colour changes when cleaning, without flushing with water, you may find the original colour comes out of the brush when you start again. This is because the cleaner keeps working and has cleaned more residue out of the brush. Flush with water and change colour.

Weight 0.1570
To use with Airbrush
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 125 ml
Hazardous UN Number UN3082
Hazardous Type Dangerous for the Environment or Aquatic Life, Health hazard/Hazardous to the ozone

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