Zest It : Airbrush Cleaner & Reviver for Enamel & Oil Based Media : 250ml

Zest It : Airbrush Cleaner & Reviver for Enamel & Oil Based Media : 250ml


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When a colour change is necessary whilst working, place just a few drops (roughly 1 ml) into the paint cup of the Airbrush and spray into a 'cleaning pot' and spray through until clear. Pour out the remaining liquid from cup or wipe dry with kitchen towel, add new colour and test on scrap paper.

If the Airbrush is clogged, disconnect from the airline, place in suitable shallow sided container and add Airbrush Cleaner and Reviver to cover. Allow to soak for about 10 minutes, further soaking may be necessary depending on the paint/ink. The parts may feel slippery to the touch, so it is best to use Nitrile gloves for grip and hand protection or a bowl of soapy water and hand-towel to clean and dry your hands as you work. You may otherwise find the small parts of the airbrush slipping out of your grip. Also working with a paper cloth or towel helps. Working with a paper cloth or a towel also helps.

Most enamel, oil paint and ink products can be cleaned and released from the airbrush after a 10 minute soak. Different products may require a longer soak. Using water through the airbrush is not recommended when using oils based media.

The Reviver can be re-used by allowing to stand and then filtered (using cloth or paper) into a clean container. Label and store the used Zest-it Airbrush Reviver for re-use.

Note: If you wish to use water based media in an Airbrush that has been used for oils, it is recommend to use the Airbrush Cleaner for Acrylics or Zest-it Washaway for cleaning the brush. If not cleaned in this way the products can emulsify in the brush causing spitting or bubbling.

Safety note: When spraying through the airbrush point away from the body and face; do not breathe the spray; have adequate ventilation; wash hands frequently; promptly wipe up spills as the surface will be slippy; wear Nitrile gloves if skin is sensitive; eye protection if splashes are likely.

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Weight 0.2400
To use with Airbrush
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 250 ml
Hazardous UN Number UN3082
Hazardous Type Dangerous for the Environment or Aquatic Life, Health hazard/Hazardous to the ozone

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