Zest It : Airbrush Reviver for Acrylic & Water Based Media : 500ml


By road only : Hazardous product subject to transport restrictions.

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The Zest It Airbrush Reviver is ideal for cleaning and releasing an Airbrush clogged with Acrylic paint or a water based media.

If your Airbrush is clogged and has dried paint blocking it, then a soak in the Airbrush Reviver will restore it back to full working order. Put a small amount of the Zest It Airbrush Reviver into a shallow tray. Having disconnected the airline, disassemble the airbrush and place in the fluid. Once the airbrush parts are clean, wash with water, dry and re-assemble the airbrush.

The Reviver will make your fingers slippery, so it is best to use Nitrile gloves for grip and hand protection or a bowl of water and hand-towel to clean and dry your hands as you work. You may otherwise find the small parts of the airbrush slipping out of your grip. Working with a paper cloth or a towel also helps.
Most acrylic, gouache, watercolour and ink products can be cleaned and released from the airbrush after a 10 minute. Different products may require a longer soak.

The Reviver can be re-used by allowing to stand and then filtered (using cloth or paper) into a clean container. Label and store the used Zest-it Airbrush Reviver for re-use.

Please note, we cannot send by air mail anything which is hazardous and above 250ml; anything flammable or toxic; any aerosols, unless by special order. However, we may be able to arrange another means of shipping your order. Please contact our customer services department if you would like to discuss this.

Weight 0.5520
To use with Airbrush
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 500 ml
Hazardous UN Number UN3082
Hazardous Type Dangerous for the Environment or Aquatic Life, Health hazard/Hazardous to the ozone

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