JOAP 2016

Jackson’s Open Art Prize Winners Announced

The winners of Jackson’s Open Art Prize 2016 have been chosen!

Congratulations to the winners!

The winners of the inaugural Jackson’s Open Art Prize have been selected from 3,100 submission entered by artists from all over the world. The mix of work submitted was eclectic, with landscapes, portraits, still lifes and abstract works united only by being 2D artwork (painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media).

The judges on the panel had the unenviable task of choosing three winners from the shortlist of 54 outstanding entries. We feel that the winning artworks show the diverse nature of this year’s entries, from imagined landscapes to modern, abstract graffiti. The artworks were scored on a mixture of criteria, as judge Carlos De Lins explained: ‘I started looking at first the overall impact of the image in relation to its subject matter, then materials & technique, then subject matter again in relation to composition.’

We are already looking ahead to next year’s JOAP and are considering a few changes to the structure of the competition for JOAP 2017. We will be interviewing this year’s winners and runners-up over the next few months, keep checking our blog for updates!

1st Prize – Winner of £3000
‘Gorge’ by Max Naylor

One of a series of paintings made in response to walking through the landscape using a combination of memory and imagination.

Medium: Ink on Paper

Size: 660 x 1016mm

Year created: 2016

Website: www.maxnaylor.com

2nd Prize – Winner of £700 worth of Jackson’s Art Gift Vouchers
‘A-diccion’ by Paula Nahmod

The movement in the cities is constant, graffities, publicity signs, neon lights, people transportation below and beneath the pavement, patterns…their repetition, accumulation, superposition, generates visual saturation in different scales. The velocity in which we move everyday generates a memory of several images that we decodify according to our own experience of urban life. In my paintings I am interested on expressing my own chaotic sensation of the metropolis.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 78″ x 78″

Year created: 2015

Blog: Paulanahmod.blogspot.com.ar

Facebook: Paula Nahmod Arte

3rd Prize – Winner of £700 worth of Jackson’s Art Gift Vouchers
‘Wiltshire Cul-De-Sac’ by Carole Tonge

During last year I became fascinated with the construction of the new higher education college round the corner from where I live. I made hundreds of drawings, filling sketchbooks with images of the cranes and people moving across the site. Working from these drawings back in my studio I think this painting tells the story of the construction. Acrylic was the perfect medium to use and by applying the paint in unconventional ways I think this painting captures the colours and textures of the place.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 82cm x 43cm

Year created: 2016

Website: www.caprintmaker.co.uk

Facebook: CAFineart


We thought to also share with you the six entries which were runners-up. Here you can really see the breadth and diversity of the entries we received. Although they weren’t scored quite as highly as the winning entries by the judges and just missed out, the standard throughout the competition has been so high that we felt they earned a mention! There will also be a series of interviews and articles with some of the artists on our blog throughout the next few months.

‘Pamela Newel Sellers’ by Leslie Watts

Portrait painting

Medium: Egg tempera on panel

Size: 30 x 30cm

Year created: 2013

Website: http://www.lesliewatts.ca/

Twitter: @lesliewattsart

‘Yellow Caravan’ by Paul Crook

This painting explores the geometrical shapes and structures that can be found within the fragments of our shared environments. The ‘yellow caravan’ belongs to a series of paintings that explore the idea of ‘escape architecture’. These temporary places resonate with the layered personal narratives of families and communities that have inhabited these places during our more recent cultural and social histories. The use of saturated vivid colour is employed to elevate these normally bland, overlooked and unpopulated locations to something that is both seductive and celebrated. These places offered a promising, beautiful and perfect future; a place for shelter and happiness. My paintings attempt to explore what remains of this once youthful and optimistic new world.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 125 x 95cm

Year created: 2015

Website: www.paulcrook.kk5.org

Twitter: @pfcrook

‘Fiona’ by Timothy Patrick

Portrait of the artist’s former landlady in Clapham, a painter in her own time also.

Medium: Charcoal on Paper

Size: 58x77cm

Year created: 2015

Website: www.timpatrick.co.uk


‘House (2)’ by Jarik Jongman

Exploring a fascination with man-made structures and interiors,my earlier
paintings of motel rooms or abandoned factories allude to the transience of
existence and could be viewed as an allegory of the temporary dwelling
Currently, I am focusing on modernist architecture. These buildings and
villas whose significance has been expanded, from functionality into an
iconic and symbolic status, I portray as sublime, transcendental structures,
both coveted and threatened by inscrutable and ominous forces.

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 60 x 70 cm

Year created: 2015

Website: www.jarikjongman.nl

‘We Aint All Middle Class Bohemians’ by Laura Rosser

A woodcut based on a film still from Port Elliot Literature Festival in St.Germans in Cornwall. This is from a body of engaging work using typewriters.

On the river bank in the image are two people sitting at one of my typewriters and they are typing messages that went straight to a twitter feed. Merging the digital and traditional are key element of my practice.

The title is one of the messages typed on the typewriter during the festival.

Medium: woodcut

Size: 120h x 220 w cm

Year created: 2015

Website: Laurarosser.com

‘Caraili’ by Orlanda Broom

My paintings are lush and colourful landscapes that represent a fantastical, re-imagined place. The surface joyousness is tempered by an uneasy sense of abandonment generated through the succubus-like nature of plants and the highly saturated almost toxic colour.

Medium: Acrylic, resin and varnish on canvas

Size: 120cm diameter

Year created: 2015

Website: http://orlandabroomartist.com/

Facebook: Orlanda Broom

Twitter: @orlandabroom

Winner of Jackson’s Amateur Prize!

The winner of Jackson’s Amateur Prize and £600 worth of Jackson’s Gift Vouchers has been decided by a public vote. Over 11,100 votes were cast on our Facebook voting tab and it was decided that ‘Inscriptions of the absence’ by Gabriela Lobato Ramos was the winner!

In terms of the process of voting, we do fully appreciate and understand some of the drawbacks of having a voting competition on social media. Just because an artwork hasn’t received the most votes does not mean it isn’t a great artwork. We do also understand that not everyone uses social media, however in order to have a fair voting system (as the login system stops people casting multiple votes for the same entry) this was the only way we could see to do it fairly.

As this is the first competition of this scale that we have undertaken, we have learnt so much and will take that experience forward with us to next year’s competition.

Winner of Jackson’s Amateur Prize, £600 worth of Jackson’s Gift Vouchers
‘Inscripciones de la ausencia / Inscriptions of the absence’ by Gabriela Lobato Ramos

Reconstrucción de mi a través de los recuerdos de las personas que ya no están presentes pero permanecen en las marcas que dejaron en mi.
Marcas que se han impregnado tan profundamente que han llegado a formar parte de mis huellas dactilares; imposibles de disolver.
Proyecto que consiste en marcar partes de mi cuerpo con pintura para evidenciar aquellas huellas y luego fotografiarlas. Buscando con este gesto reconocerlas, aceptarlas y seguir.

Reconstruction of me through the memories of people who are no longer present but remain in the marks left in me.
Brands that have permeated so deeply that have become part of my fingerprints; impossible to dissolve.
Project that consists in mark parts of my body with paint to show those track and then photograph them. Looking with this gesture to recognize, accept and go ahead

Medium: Painting and photography

Size: 60 x 40 cm

Year created: 2014


We thought to also share with you the amazing runners-up in our Amateur Prize. Although they narrowly missed out in claiming the top spot, their work has been shared and seen by thousands. There will also be a series of interviews and articles with some of the artists on our blog throughout the next few months.

‘The Struggle’ by Jeanne Warren

Two years ago, my world fell apart. I lost my home, my neighbours, my belongings during the recession due to a failed business. I was put into a homeless shelter and had to stay there for seven months. It was a very scary and lonely place and I hardly ever came out of my room. There was a man who stayed in the room above me, and although I saw him now and then, I never spoke to him. One day we somehow started talking and I discovered he was also an artist as well as a musician. I showed him the painting I was working on at the moment (I refused to stop painting, kept my art supplies and worked in my tiny room whenever I could) and he was very supportive. It dawned on me suddenly that I would love to paint him…he had such expressive eyes…and I asked him if I could have a photo session with him. One sunny morning we “seized the moment” and proceeded to a little alley in the town we were staying in. Alas, in the alley were these gates….just like the ones that were at the shelter….and the rest is history. This painting was by far the most difficult one I have ever painted. I wept, had nightmares, and struggled to finish it for months. But when I did, it was as if the horror of it all was somehow easier to cope with. I would like to believe my man was and is every homeless person, wishing for something to be hopeful for, but at the same time, feeling trapped and full of despair.

Medium: Acrylic on Board

Size: 67 x 47 cm

Year created: 2015

‘Untitled’ by Alison Tubritt

Part of final year project in BA Fine Art.
Although there is a focus on the anatomical features of a horse within the work, the work is more about the traditional skill of drawing and trying to create and adapt the work into the contemporary art world. There is a particular focus on the technical execution within the piece that demands attention.

Medium: White and black pencil on black paper mounted onto foam board.

Size: A4

Year created: 2016

Facebook: ArtByAlison

‘Swimming Free’ by Marion Burton

A drawing of a turtle.

Medium: Coloured pencils

Size: A4

Year created: 2016

Facebook: ChemobrainArt

‘Merchant stone, weathered and worn’ by Peter McNair

This is Virginia Court in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. I happened across this place on one of my sketching/photo ref. gathering trips in Glasgow. It immediately awoke in me a deep fascination and love of the scarred, etched appearance of the stone work. I have a great admiration and respect for the character of these older stone buildings and for the people who built them. I have tried to convey this in the piece by doing it as much justice as possible.

Medium: Graphite

Size: 29 x 41 cm approx

Year created: 2015 Dec.

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  • Marian Littlejohn 13 May 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Should there not be a prize for the runner up it generated so many votes and publicity for your company.

    • Sophie Pinchetti 16 May 2016 at 11:21 am

      Hi Marian,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      We are very pleased to include the runner ups and definitely appreciate that the runner ups actively contribute to the promotion of the competition.
      We would love to award prizes to the runner ups, however it is not possible this year. For this inaugural edition of JOAP, we decided to introduce an Amateur Prize to celebrate amateur artists alongside professional artists. Many thanks and best wishes to you from Jackson’s

  • Rachel 13 May 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Congratulations to all of the winners, as well as everyone else who was short or long listed 🙂

    Personally I have really enjoyed following this competition – the first I have entered but not the last! I have found the pieces inspiring and motivating, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my own art in consequence. ‘The Struggle’ has particularly stuck with me after reading the story behind it. Everyone should be very proud of their work, the quality was amazing! 🙂

    Thanks, Jackson’s for a very interesting and eye-opening competition 🙂

  • Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley 14 May 2016 at 7:48 am

    Well, I am hugely impressed and heartened at the quality of entries, as demonstrated by the long list. Superb winners and runners up. I shall definitely look out for the next one. I think the organisers have done a tremendous job casting this competition for the first time.

    • Julie Caves 16 May 2016 at 11:13 am

      Thank you!
      We are very happy that it all went so well!
      See you next year!

      I am looking forward to reading the interviews with the winners, and some of those on the short and long lists.

  • Vincent Brown 31 December 2016 at 5:45 pm

    What a fantastic selection of work with so many styles and techniques.

  • X