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Explore our range of studio easels, designed for longevity and stability. Ideal for large canvases, full-sized easels are adjustable in size and angle, ensuring ease and comfort while you work. Perfect for any artist's studio.
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Difference Between H-Frame and A-Frame Easels

What is the Difference Between H-Frame and A-Frame Easels?

The main differences between H-Frame and A-Frame easels are their size and manoeuvrability. H-frame easels are sturdy and durable, while A-frame easels are lighter and more portable.

The largest and most solid studio easels are H-frame, with a broad square base. Ideal for heavy and large canvases; the very largest will take canvases over 230cm high, although most will take canvases up to around 170cm. Some H-frame easels have a shelf or drawer underneath the lower canvas support which offers practical storage space for colors, brushes, and rags.

The main structure of an A-frame easel is triangular, with two legs at the front and one behind. Shaped like a tripod, A-frame easels are easier to move, store and stack, and are suited for limited spaces and plein air painting. A-frame easels cannot be adjusted for horizontal ‘table style’ working, but some have the ability to tilt forward for soft pastel work. A-frame easels will accommodate canvases of most sizes up to approximately 130cm in either width or height.

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