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Unison Colour Pastels are made in Northumberland and contain only pure pigments. Unison groups the pastels together in sets of related hues, instead of adding white or black pigment to the color. The result is intense and vibrant shades, not muddied by the blending of colors.

Unison's pastels contain very little binder, making them very soft and smooth. They are mixed to meticulous recipes and are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths.

Unison Pastels measure approximately 50 x 20mm. Large Unison Pastels are approx. 70 x 20mm. Sticks may vary due to process of making them by hand.

Unison Colour began in the early 1980s when Artist John Hersey found that mass-produced, factory made pastels simply did not offer the qualities he was looking for, and so he decided to make his own. Today they hand produce over a quarter of a million sticks a year.


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