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Holbein Artists' Oil Pastels are an artist quality range of highly pigmented oil pastels which have a similar consistency to soft pastels and are highly blendable. Their square shape allows for intricate detail.

  • 100 colours available
  • Artist quality
  • Made with wax, paraffin, refined mineral oil, and pigment
  • Feels and moves like a soft pastel but without the dust
  • Made in Japan
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Holbein Artists' Oil Pastels have a unique formulation which makes them move and feel like a soft pastel but without the dust. Endorsed by the Oil Pastel Association of America, these high quality artist pastels are the result of over 75 years of research.

The range offers a wide spectrum of rich colours with a high pigment load, and these oil pastels handle beautifully, with excellent layering and blending capacity. Their square shape allows for intricate detail and clean, sharp lines.

Holbein oil pastels can be applied to almost any ground. They can also be used over finished acrylic and oil paintings and in conjunction with a variety of wet and dry media. Due to the paraffin content and highly refined mineral oil, they will never harden completely. Unlike oil pastels that use vegetable oil, Holbein oil pastels are inert once laid down and will not dry out or crack.

Please note: due to trading agreements we are unable to ship this product to the US and Canada.


Product CodeP-HOLOP
Pour Utiliser AvecHuile
Pays de fabricationJapon
TransparenceRefer to single colours
Solidité de la Couleur à la LumièreRefer to single colours


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