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A selection of sets containing highly pigmented soft pastels that glide smoothly onto paper. Holbien Soft Pastels have a powdery consistency with superb blending and covering power.

  • 6 sets available
  • Artist quality
  • Made with binder and fine pigments
  • Super smooth and richly pigmented
  • Made in Japan

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Holbein Soft Pastels are a range of carefully selected artist quality colours with a soft powdery consistency that glides smoothly onto paper. Richly pigmented, they offer excellent blending and covering power.

Colours are tested in line with the standards of Holbein’s watercolour range for the best possible lightfastness and are composed mainly of colours with no or minor discolouration. Batches of each colour are monitored to guarantee an even distribution of pigment and binder.

This set contains 24 assorted soft pastels in a selection of essential colours.


Product CodeP-HOLSPS
Pour Utiliser AvecPastel
Pays de fabricationJapon
TransparenceRefer to single colours
Solidité de la Couleur à la LumièreRefer to single colours


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