Rohrer & Klingner : Liquid Watercolour


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Highly concentrated liquid watercolour suitable for a range of drawing and watercolour applications.

  • 18 colours available
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with acrylic resin and pigments
  • Lightfast
  • Made in Germany
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Rohrer & Klingner Liquid Watercolours are produced with modern raw materials, namely acrylic resin and highly concentrated organic pigments (apart from black and white). The resin is translucent and resistant against amber discoloration and age. The inks have been formulated with carefully chosen pigments to ensure brilliance of colour and good lightfastness.

The range of 18 colours are ideal for drawing, watercolour, and wet-on-wet glazes. Mediums can be added to slow the drying time (Drying Restrainer), as well as to increase glow (Gloss Intensifier). Shake well before use.


Product CodeP-WRKLW
Pour Utiliser AvecAquarelle, Encre
Pays de fabricationAllemagne
Solidité de la Couleur à la LumièreRefer to single colours


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